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A little shop history... The shop started out at its present location in 1991 as a small (900 sq ft), strictly part time maintenance and repair shop with limited, or no access to most major brands of parts and accessories. When Mike D'Atri joined the shop in 2011 as a 50% owner, he wanted to turn the shop into a full time, full service, one stop motorcycle shop. Where you could get anything you could want, need or imagine from people who are knowledgeable, highly experienced and have a genuine passion for motorcycles. 

How you envision how something should go, and how it actually gets there are sometimes two entirely different things. In the spring of 2012, we had a grand re-opening and officially became known as Burnout Alley Motorcycle Garage. From that moment on, Burnout Alley was, (and continues to be) a full time, professional shop, open 6 days a week. Over the next few years we expanded, and remodeled the shop, to more than four times it's original size. We also continually added services, a multitude of dealerships with various distributors and manufacturers, giving Burnout Alley access to some of the best pricing on well over 350 brands.

While some of our custom paint jobs had won trophies and awards at several local bike shows and contests, 2015 was a pretty exciting year for the shop. Mike's redesign and build of a 2005 Softail Standard just happened to catch the attention of one of the most respected magazine publishers in the motorcycle industry. This eventually led to that build landing on the cover of American Iron Magazine. Over the next couple years, several more bikes built or redesigned in the Alley followed suit, with magazine features of their own. Something we consider an honor and feel really fortunate to have been a part of, being that sadly, most of the magazines are now gone.

Also during these years, was the beginning of the end.... of a partnership... of a friendship... and, the beginning of brighter days ahead... Sounds like some sort of melodramatic, movie teaser..... But no worries.. It all works out... For everyone.  

Although Mike gained full ownership of Burnout Alley in January 2018, of course this was never a one man show. There have been several individuals involved in the daily workings of the shop throughout the years. Some, being owed the most sincere gratitude, for bringing valuable skills, knowledge, experience... and friendship. Other characters on the other hand, unfortunately... not so much. Regardless, all of them leaving lasting impressions for better, or worse. There has been more than enough drama.... and endless comedy, to make for a spectacular reality TV show.... it's been.. Interesting. 

2023 marked yet another successful year for Burnout Alley. We simply couldn't do it without our supporters, and owe a HUGE debt of gratitude, and thanks to all our loyal, repeat customers, fans, supporters and friends who repeatedly send their friends and fellow riders to our doors for help... We wish you all the best for 2024!

Quote of the day: "Friendship is like peeing on yourself, everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling it brings." 

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