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Mike D'Atri, Owner

Mike, a US Navy Veteran and lifelong business owner got his passion for motorcycles at an early age as his Grandfather, Father and uncles all rode and worked on bikes (and anything else with a motor).

Mike is an expert custom painter, airbrush artist and mechanic with many trophy winning paint jobs under his belt. His true passion is building and modifying bikes that not only stand out in a crowd and are packed with power, but are also just as reliable as they are nice to look at. 

Unable to relate to very many high priced customs, he got into the business opening his own shop more than 15 years ago. He wanted to show people they didn't have to spend an arm and a leg to have a bike that really grabbed people's attention. Something his builds have been featured, and received accolades for in several magazine and online features over the years.

In 2011 he joined Burnout Alley as a 50% owner, immediately turning it into a full time professional shop. Mike acquired full ownership of Burnout Alley at the end of 2017.

John Welton, Mechanic

John is a retired US Army Green Beret Sargent Major who also got his passion for motorcycles at an early age being influenced also by people in his family has been riding and wrenching on bikes all of his life and simply loves to be around them.

Although John describes himself as nothing more than a booger eating moron who is, let's just say very passionate about Ted Nugent not being in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, he's a full time fixture at Burnout Alley who brings years of experience to the table and is a valuable asset to the shop.  

John Welton, Mechanic

Elves, Magicus Mechanicus

Over the years, but especially the last few before John and any real help joined the shop full time, there have been numerous rumors swirling around Burnout Alley. One peculiar rumor in particular was the shop didn't have a mechanic? Yet, all these performance engine builds, new motors and other complicated repairs kept rolling out the door. It seemed to be a true, head scratching mystery.

People would even come in, curiously look around, then ask, "geez Mike who's doing your mechanical work?" or "Wow, did you really do all that here?" Even John couldn't fathom how Mike did all this work, by himself. Mike's response? "You know, it's really the oddest thing, these magical and mysterious, mechanic, fabricator, artist painter elves seem to come in at night and just, do..... stuff?!"

Of course this has left people looking bewildered, and in disbelief. Who could really blame them? But, how else do you explain all the work getting done with such efficiency, dedication and expertise? There could simply be no other explanation for it all... Could there?

DISCLAIMER: Although the shop has security cameras literally everywhere, we've never been able to capture these pint sized dynamos of limitless skills and abilities on video.  Therefore, we cannot confirm, nor deny their existence.

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